Frequent Questions


Q: How do I become an umpire for Collingwood Baseball

A: First you must have been born in 2003 or earlier.  All new umpires are required to take an OBA Umpire Clinic to become certified. More information on this can be found by clicking HERE   If you are 12 or 13 year old and a brand new umpire you are also required to take an addtional Rookie Ball course that is free of charge.  The date and time will be posted soon.

Q: I am only available to umpire certain days of the week.  Is the umpire scheduling flexible?

A: Yes. Many of our umpires play on sports teams themselves, or have other commitments on different days of the week.  . Our schedulers only assign you to games which you have indicated you are able to umpire.

Q: What is the umpire uniform and do I need to provide my own?

A:  A uniform includes the umpire shirt, cap, plate brush, counter, and belt pouch. This will be provided.  Additionally, umpires are required to wear medium grey coloured pants, a black belt  and black shoes.    Umpires are expected to be wearing this uniform EACH time they step on the field, with no exceptions.

Q: What kind of equipment does an umpire wear? 

A:  Once umpires have advanced to the Tyke/Mosquito age group they will be required to use shin pads, an umpire mask as well as a chest protector.   

Q: Will I get yelled at?

A: While baseball is a highly competitive game, there are rules in place in order to keep arguments at a minimum, as well as to protect the umpires.  Collingwood Baseball has zero tolerance for abuse of our umpires. If there are problems, you are always encouraged to contact the Umpire-In-Chief, Robin Cubbitt, and he will ensure that the situation is looked into.

Q: What is the pay rate?

A:  The pay rate for umpires in Collingwood depends on the age level you Umpire.  Umpires will officiate all games between the Sr Rookie Level (6-7 year olds) and the Junior Level (Ages 19+), at the house league, select, and Rep levels.  The higher the age level the higher the pay rate will be.   The pay rates are between $20 and $60 per game.

All first year umpires should expect to begin umpiring at the Junior Rookie and Rookie age groups for house league games only. With experience umpires advance to older divisions.